A large part of our work solves our clients’ challenges
through our professional services.

Adventist Information Ministry (AIM) operates under the direction of the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists®. For 35 years, our contact center has assisted the church’s evangelistic outreach efforts by serving as a bridge between ministries and the local field.

Using our Inbound, Outbound, Event Registration, and Social Media Services, we can design a ministry program suited to your specific needs and budget. We can serve you in:

  • Local Church Support
  • Order Processing
  • Answering Service
  • Seminar Registration
  • Information Line
  • Multi-Channel Response
  • Social Media Support
  • Survey Options
  • Bible Study Referrals
  • Bible School Registrations
  • Extra Literature Cards
  • Automated Voice Menus & Call Routing
  • Donation Services

AIM can provide multi-channel contact center services (SMS text, voice, web chat, social media) for local churches active in outreach. If your church is inviting the community to evangelistic series, seminars, etc. having an #800 number to register attendees or answer questions is so important. Put your number on all printed material and use on radio and TV. Many churches do not have full time Administrative Assistants and calls just go to voicemail. How great if calls could be answered live! You may use our services for a short term event or you can keep an #800 number reserved for all your outreach.

Could you use some financial support? Use our teleministry program to raise funds while building stronger relationships with your general donors. AIM operators are trained to conduct specialized campaigns to raise funds for your ministry. Allow us to be your mouth piece to voice your needs!

Have a product that will complement a client’s previous order, but still not sure how to get the word out? We can help! Upselling and cross-selling can expose a customer to other options he or she may not have considered previously. Enhance the value that your client receives from your organization.

Measure your results in the form of a telesurvey. Use our team to collect data, measure results, and find out about your clients’ past experience with a product.

As God’s agents, we are here to minister to the needs of your clients in prayer. Each call is handled with genuine care and concern, as our operators take each person’s request and pray for them on the phone.

Something you’ve thought about to enhance your ministry that’s not on this list? Let us know, and we’ll customize an outbound campaign to suit your needs!

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